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How the traditional sales pitch impacts your security.
Truesecurity Team
June 19, 2018

Getting a security quote is a little like the story of Goldilocks and the three bears. You’ll find offers for systems that are very basic and offer limited protection, others that don’t accurately address your security concerns, and of course the plans that are loaded with things you don’t want or need. The difference is that home security isn’t a fairy tale and the design of your system matters a lot. No two quotes are ever the same and if you had three quotes they would all be different! How can that be? To make sure you get the right quote for your home consider these 3 influences the traditional sales pitch has on your security.


Before we go into detail, here’s an overview of the 3 influences the traditional sales pitch has on your security.

  1. Your sales person’s experience.
  2. Commission driven sales.
  3. The use of promotions.


With that roadmap, let’s get started. (If you already can guess how these impact your security, check out how we are transforming the buying experience for you.)


Experience? Well it’s a roll of the dice

Experience is key and you want to make sure you’re speaking with someone who knows what they’re talking about. Unfortunately, because of high turnover, you’re either going to be speaking to someone who’s been around forever that does the same thing the same way all the time or someone who hasn’t been doing this very long. If you find yourself speaking to someone who hasn’t had the time or experience to learn how to design a perfect security system, it’s going to result in holes in your security system design. One major issue with trusting someone with little experience is their inability to recommend the correct security equipment, and on top of that, a lot of them are worried that if they recommend too much they might blow the sale.



  • Ask how long they’ve been designing home security.
  • Find out what kind of training they’ve had.
  • Let them know it’s ok if they don’t know an answer to a question, as long as they can find you a qualified answer.


Commission’s, you already know

For most security companies, sales is the name of the game. In a traditional sales environment, it’s natural for a sales rep to think to themselves “What is this prospect comfortable spending?” Although this thought is natural and usually innocent, it can sometimes lead down a path that isn’t good for you. Instead of getting all the advice and recommendations you need, you’ll get what you might be comfortable purchasing today.



  • Let your sales rep know that you want all the advice upfront.
  • Ask your rep to not worry about your budget until after you’re done designing your system.


Using promotions to get your attention.

In a traditional sales environment, sales teams utilize promotions to differentiate their offers from others. It’s a little numbers game to get your attention, and in some cases, it’s the purchase of the promotion that’s more important than a true security analysis. Don’t start price shopping until you know what you need. Many times companies will work to fit into your budget, so focus on security first then price. Promotions are rarely what they seem, and many times it’s a bait and switch tactic to get your attention. You’ll find a lot of promotions have limitations on features like requiring a landline or a pre-wired system. Both of which you don’t want!



  • Focus on security first and the products you want before talking about price.
  • Find out the details about promotions and any limitations that come with the promotion.


You don’t need any of that.

Today is different because people have immediate access to information through the internet. It’s time to break down those barriers. Now you can understand how to protect your home without a pitch. We believe in creating a better experience and encourage other security companies to follow our lead by making the process of getting a home security more educational than transactional. You can read more about how we broke down the user experience of purchasing a home security system and rebuilt it around you Here.

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