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Why we are transforming the way you buy home security.
Truesecurity Team
June 19, 2018

Our team has spent over 25 years helping protect homes and families, and for the last 2 years, we’ve devoted all of our energy to building truesecurity, an online home security resource built around people, not sales.


We saw firsthand how the traditional sales process impacts people’s home security. It’s a process that can sometimes be filled with sales pitches, misleading promotions, aggressive sales tactics, and misinformation. The way you buy home security was antiquated and frustrating and needed to be rethought from the ground up.


We saw a problem no one else was looking at

Roughly 7 million Americans buy a home security system every year, it’s a big industry. We found that the way people bought home security hasn’t changed for decades. This really started to bother us, so we dug a little deeper. We thought


“The first thing people do when they want to buy a new product or service is research.”

A quick search resulted in 6+ Ads followed by several more websites offering “Free Quotes”.

“Maybe we can find some good content about how to protect a home, or find the right security system?”

We started looking for security-related content and found a lot of the same. Stock images, conflicting opinions, and a lot of noise probably written by marketing people.  All in all, we concluded that the internet didn’t offer a place for people to gain understanding, instead, it was a big billboard with special offers, promotions, and free quote forms.


Where were people supposed to go to gain a better understanding and build confidence? After all, we live busy lives and don’t have time to sit down with someone to have them overpromise and underdeliver.


We saw a general lack of empathy

It was clear that the problem we saw was one no one else was looking at. It was a status quo everyone accepted. It was strange that people we talked to just accepted the status quo of how you buy home security. Over the years we’ve spoken to thousands of families who went online looking for information but instead found themselves filling out free quote forms in hopes of getting some concrete answers. Unfortunately, these resulted in telemarketing calls, many of them from high-pressure salespeople. The playbook? Make it sound as cheap as possible over the phone. Then when the technician arrives you find out that your system is going to cost much more than expected.

“We observed a general lack of empathy for people trying to find the best information to protect their home.”

Empathy is a big word around here, it’s kinda the reason for everything we do. We began to cultivate a culture of empathy to figure out how we can make this process better for those 7 million people a year. How can we shake up the status quo and build a better experience?


Today is different

This was the foundation of truesecurity. At our core, we believe in empowering people with information, from the way we talk to customers, to how we design and build our web products. Truesecurity helps people design a home security system online with professional advice and no sales pitch. In fact, we don’t even have salespeople! We think it will save you a lot of time, confusion and frustration. The best part is that it starts with you. You are free to learn and understand on your own time, and when you’re ready to talk to someone we’re always here for you.


If you’re thinking about home security, or interested in what we are doing give us a try. Tell us what you think. Help us bring to everyone.

If you want to learn more, check out this article we wrote about what makes truesecurity better.

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