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A Guide for families. Finding the perfect security system.
Truesecurity Team
June 20, 2018

Every home has a unique dynamic, different schedules, family members, and situations can all impact the decisions you make to protect your home. This article focuses specifically on things to consider for families who have not had much experience with home security. We’re going to cover everything from families with newborn babies to those with elderly family members living with them.


Before we go into detail here’s an overview of the subjects we’ll cover.


  1. Baby’s and environmental concerns
  2. Protecting your family while they’re home
  3. Keeping track of teenagers
  4. Living with elderly
  5. Automation can be a lifesaver


Let’s get started! By the way, if you’ve already purchased a home security system or are thinking about it, we wrote a 13 step guide for making sure you get the right security system.


Baby’s and environmental concerns

Making sure your baby and you have a good night sleep is pretty much essential for parents. Something that people don’t generally think about is the threat of Carbon Monoxide. Carbon Monoxide is an odorless gas which can cause people to lose consciousness and eventually become deadly. Carbon monoxide poison generally comes from malfunctioning appliances like furnaces, water heaters, or fireplaces. The first step is making sure these appliances are running without problems. Getting these checked out by a qualified professional is the best first step. Even if something is working without a hitch today, doesn’t mean that there won’t be problems in the future. Things as simple as a bird building a nest in a chimney or vent pipe can result in deadly levels of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide communicators are a step above detectors because they are connected to a central monitoring station that can notify the fire department for you. This way you have the peace of mind knowing someone is always there to make sure you and your family are safer.  


Protecting your family while they’re home

Many people only think about security for when they are away, but when you have a family it’s also important to help keep them safe when they are home. Make sure when you are buying a home security system that motion sensors are not relied on too heavily for protecting accessible windows. Motion sensors are unarmed when you are home making it unable to detect intruders coming or going through a window.


Keeping track of teenagers

Independence and autonomy are part of growing up, but as a parent, you still want to know when your family is coming and going. Smartphone features, cameras, and video doorbells can make it really easy to keep track of people coming and going. You can see whos at the door, who comes in and even get notifications when people come home. You can set up schedules for when you’re expecting kids home from school. If a schedule is broken, you’ll be the first to know! Last but not least, door chimes give you an audible heads up when people open your doors. This will let you know when someone is coming or going which can be really helpful when you have a family full of independent teens or little ones that want to run outside and play.


Living with elderly

As our elderly family members start to need more help, their need for independence also grows. It can be hard watching someone become stripped of their independence. Certain smart home features can make it easier for our elderly family members to maintain some of that independence. For example, sensors and schedules can be used to monitor if medicine cabinets were opened on time.


Automation can be a lifesaver

We were told by a mom of three daughters that without our lamp modules her house would have burned to the ground! She told us a story about how her daughters all have their own hair straighteners in their bathrooms. I think you can guess where this is going. Every morning before school she would be frantically checking each bathroom to make sure the hair straighteners were unplugged. But today she just checks her phone to make sure all the outlets are turned off using our outlet modules. What a relief.


Interested in designing a system for your family? Give us a try and let me know what you think. Designing a security system has never been easier and more effective. You can get professional advice without a sales pitch all at your own convenience.

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