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What Burglars Look for in a Chicagoland Home Before Striking
Truesecurity Team
Nov 05, 2018

The Chicago Bears are known to have “Super Fans”. Well, Chicagoland burglars are also known to have “Super Signs”, of a home that’s ripe for robbing. Does Your Resi...

Avoiding High Pressure Sales Tactics When Shopping for a Home Security System
Truesecurity Team
Nov 05, 2018
Shopping for a home security system is a unique experience. I say this not because it’s particularly ornate or curated. It certainly is more unique than going to a nice restaurant… It’s unique beca...

4 Reasons to Get a Home Security System That You Would Never Have Thought of
Truesecurity Team
Nov 05, 2018
There a several reasons to get a home security system. Some you may never even think of… You may think that all a home security does is protect your valuables and keep burglars from breaking into y...

Your Home Was Burglarized -- Now What Happens?
Truesecurity Team
Nov 05, 2018
No one wants to consider the terrible situation of having a home burglary, but what do you do after a home burglary occurs? Burglary is an extremely painful situation and, unfortunately, not an ent...

Feel great about your home security system.
Truesecurity Team
Jan 11, 2018
In 2017 our team began the journey of building a company with the vision to help people design the perfect home security system for them, one that you could feel great about. Our goal was to breathe n...


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