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Avoiding High Pressure Sales Tactics When Shopping for a Home Security System
Truesecurity Team
Nov 05, 2018

Shopping for a home security system is a unique experience. I say this not because it’s particularly ornate or curated. It certainly is more unique than going to a nice restaurant…

It’s unique because, well, how many times in your life will you go through this buying process? Only a few, right? You’re probably going through it as often as you buy a home, and less often than when you buy a car.

It could also become a unique experience from the sense that, who you choose to inquire with should leave you with a sales experience to remember— but also one you’re likely to forget because of its comfort and ease— at the same time.

High Pressure calls, calls and more calls— minutes from expressing interest…

You’re on the website form. You type in your first name, your last name, your email, and your phone. You click submit, and you might as well get out your stopwatch. Because the call is coming in a matter of minutes, if not seconds. Keep in mind, they’re not calling because it’s necessarily what you want. They’re calling because they think it’s what’s best for their bottom line and their sales commission.

This type of impersonal, intrusive ‘salesy’ customer experience should be put to bed. Everything is about the company, not done when right for the customer. This is a high-pressure sales tactic you should avoid when shopping for a home security system. Be sure to watch for this tactic, as it is one you can spot early and during the first steps of shopping for a home security system.

An offer of a “$99 installation fee”

After initial contact has been made, the next order of business will be to get you to buy. This does not always mean buying what you need. They’re going to get you to buy on a very low (relative) cost item. But, this can be thought of as your purchase of a license, allowing them to come to your home and sell you more products.

Offers of extreme discounts, but only if you agree to the installation fee, right here, right now

You may have called for a home security protection but additional things like fire, or flood also worry you. Mention these items and you’ve identified yourself as “important.” Your likelihood of being passed off to a manager has just gone up. Being shuffled from person to person is a high-pressure sales tactic you also want to avoid, along with agreeing to any installation fee during the initial stages of security system consultation.

Multiple people talking to you in a brief time frame

As the first person you speak with gets to learn more about you, the likelihood of you being passed off to a senior manager increases, depending on what questions you ask. You won’t know to even ask for a manager when you start the conversation, but it’s a distinct possibility. The salesperson is looking for those opportunities because they know it can increase the likelihood of closing a sale. By continually giving you more people to talk to, you’ve become more committed to the call than you realize. Each time you get passed off, a better salesperson more adept at converting you into a customer is going to reappear. This can happen in as short a time period as 15 minutes from the time you take the initial call.

More calls, on Saturday night. That’s right— weekends

Let’s say you get the offer on the phone, you feel like you have a good sense for what you would be getting for your installation fee. But as is reasonable, you want to take a few days to think things over. As mentioned earlier, the person you have spoken to on the phone will want to make it seem like this “deal” is going to evaporate seconds after you end the conversation. This is done to create a sense of urgency to get you to purchase— often before you feel totally ready. This is a high-pressure sales tactic you want to avoid.

When you hang up that phone, they may say “goodbye.” But don’t be surprised to hear a “hello” the next day or two. If you’re like many people, the weekend is a time to disconnect and relax. Work stops, and you give yourself a break. If Saturday is your day to kick your feet up, you may want to consider leaving your phone on airplane mode because a security system salesperson using high-pressure sales tactics will be calling. They’ll try you in the morning. Possibly even while you’re playing with your children. Then they’ll try you again in the afternoon. Perhaps while you’re preparing a nice meal, enjoying a sporting event, while you’re at the gym, etc.…

If you don’t recall saying to the person on the phone: “Hey, I’d like you to call me back, twice, this coming Saturday.” It’s because you didn’t have to. The sales team is going to reach out, regardless of whether you indicated that this is your preference or not.

Insistence on making an in-home visit

After you decide to pay the $99 up-front installation fee, you can expect an in-home visit from an expert installer. This is where your hundreds of dollars of “free” equipment is going to be installed into your home. But once they’re in your home, their next goal is to get inside your wallet— which as it turns out— is much easier to do once they’re set up at your dining room table.

The service technician will have no problem pointing out potential “problem areas” which in their mind may be thought of as “chances to earn more sales commission.” Whether or not they’re truly a problem for you may be debatable. What they’re 100% sure of is, they can increase their take-home pay by selling you more equipment. Their best opportunity to do this is when they’re face-to-face with you— when you’re a captive audience inside your own home.

Put the purchasing power in your hands

When considering a home security solution for you and your loved ones, don’t put yourself in a position to be harassed, or allow yourself to choke down an unforeseen upsell from a service technician who’s parked in your living room. Look for a partner that’s going to help you design the right solution but, on your terms, and when you’re ready.

At True Security, we value your privacy and want you to have the best home security purchase experience as possible. That’s why we’ve enabled you to design a custom solution, in as little as six minutes from the comfort of your home. If you have questions, we’re only a chat or phone call away. But we won’t be calling and calling and calling to try and close the quick sale. That’s not what we value, and that’s not the type of experience we want you to have when purchasing a home security system.


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