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About True Security

What do we do?

True security is the first professional home security design tool ever. Our technology is built on top of experts in the home security design industry. Our secret? Simplicity. We replaced the aggressive sales pitches with a carefully crafted AI that is there to assist you by providing professional advice throughout your journey.

Who we are.

True Security is a team of security experts, industry veterans, designers, marketers, and above all, we are people who love making others safe.

Our mission

We are redefining professional security by taking the inconsistent sales pitch out and replacing it with the most knowledgeable security tool in existence.

Our values

Often times it is helpful to look at a problem from every angle. We push our people to approach problems this way, to look where others don’t and to see whats other’s ignore. We value empathy and the ability to share experiences with one another. Through our own individual and shared journey’s we can discover growth.

How is True Security different than buying security from a traditional dealer?

Our main goal is to provide you with the most accurate information with 100% price transparency all inside an enjoyable and informative experience.

We are truly committed to protecting the things that are important to you. We love protecting people and there their things too! It’s important to us that our customers get a feeling of peace of mind with true security. When you use True Security you are not participating in a sales pitch, you are experiencing the most refined and knowledgeable security tool in existence.

ADT, the industry leader

Who is ADT?

ADT stands for American District telegraph. Sounds pretty old right? That’s because it is. ADT is one of the oldest companies in America and the oldest and most trusted security company in America.

ADT in its journey has become a natural innovator with unmatched experience in security system monitoring. ADT was born through innovation, creating the first emergency callbox in the late 1800’s and ever since then, ADT has followed a simple a constant mission, to be customer obsessed and to be the best at what they do.

Why do we love ADT?

We love ADT because they represent strength and innovation in the security industry. ADT really cares about their customers and over the past 10 years we have seen firsthand how much effort and investment they have made improving their customer experience.

We have also had the honor of attending annual celebrations where ADT celebrates the lives their systems have saved, honoring the dedicated employee’s that handled the calls, the first responders, and the people’s lives that were saved. It’s a beautiful celebration, and such an honor to be a part of this prestigious organization.

Home security explained

Do I need home security?

Yes, Home security is much more than intrusion protection. We hope that no one ever has to experience this terrifying reality of owning a home. There are even greater threats that we often overlook such as Fire, Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, Flooding and Freezing. Peace-of-mind means not worrying when you are away or home alone. It is knowing that everything is ok, and being reassured, daily. We believe everyone deserves to have this feeling.

I’m thinking about Do-it-yourself security.

Do it yourself security or DIY is tricky. Often times a DIY system does not provide the proper consultation required to help a customer understand their security and the systems capabilities and limitations.

Often times these systems fail at the weakest point, the installation. How can you trust something to protect your home that is hung on the wall using Velcro or sticky tape? A sensor that hops on and off your network, unwanted alarms and what about service.

Many of our customers came from DIY and told us it was a mistake. For some people it will serve their purposes. But if your goal is peace of mind, consider professional installation.


What is 24/7 Monitoring?

ADT is the most reliable monitoring provider and is the only monitoring provider with 6 State-of-the-art redundant monitoring centers. This means you have someone watching your system 24/7.

What makes ADT monitoring the best?

ADT’s world class networked monitoring centers are second to none and relied on by millions of American’s each day. ADT’s centers are widely separated geographically and built to withstand the toughest conditions to insure that ADT is able to respond to an alarm condition even during natural disasters, computer failures, power outages and similar catastrophes.

What’s the deal with the contract?

A 3 year monitoring contract is standard to avoid paying upfront equipment fee’s. This lets you get the very best while keeping your money in your pockets. We know you love that idea.

Can I get ADT without a contract?

Yes, it only requires that you pay the total cost of the equipment upfront.


The benfits of professional installation.

The last thing you want to deal with is a sensor falling off or equipment not working when you need it most. Professional installation guarantees that you system will work the way you expect it to work, and be mounted properly.

Who is installating my system?

A licensed and fully trained installer will be responsible for your system installation. All installers are required to go through a background screening for your safety. Depending on what state you live in they may also be required to go through a state and FBI screening. Our goal is your satisfaction and we strive to make sure everything goes smoothly.

When will my installer come?

After completing your order, you will have a confirmation call. On that call you will go over several important aspects of completing you order, as well as picking the perfect date and time for your install.


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