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4 Reasons to Get a Home Security System That You Would Never Have Thought of
Truesecurity Team
Nov 05, 2018

There a several reasons to get a home security system. Some you may never even think of…

You may think that all a home security does is protect your valuables and keep burglars from breaking into your house. But, today’s high-tech and user-friendly home security systems do much more.

Read below for 4 reasons to get a home security system. Some may even surprise you.

Most burglaries happen between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

A lot of people are under the misconception that most burglaries happen under the cover of darkness or when they’re sleeping. In fact, the opposite is true.

Most burglary attempts happen between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. when people are at work and their kids are at school. This is because burglars want to avoid having people be in the house at all when they rob it because it lessens the chance of them getting caught. If a burglar broke into your house while you were there, you may have a chance of scaring them or shooing them away. But, since most burglaries happen while residents aren’t at home, a home security system is your best defense against robbers. This is one major reason to invest in a home security system.

Most burglars don’t use the front door

Burglars don’t generally try to avoid breaking into the front door because they risk getting seen by neighbors or people driving by. That’s why most break-in points are in the backyard or second-story windows. If you are someone who often forgets to lock the back door or the tiny window in the second-story bathroom, a home security system can be a lifesaver for you and your family. Burglars will prey on your forgetfulness and try to find the one window or door that you didn’t lock. But, with a home security system, you can prevent them from getting into your house at all.

Have peace of mind when you’re away

With today’s technology, it’s standard that a home security system comes with a way to check on your security via your mobile phone. This gives you peace of mind when you’re not at home. Burglars are known to look for signs of an empty house, like mail piling up or an overgrown lawn, signaling a family is not home or on vacation. When you’re not home, your house is more vulnerable to burglars and robberies. With a state-of-the-art home security system, you can know the status of your home’s safety no matter where you are.

Keep track of kids and pets

Home security systems are also great for keeping track of your pets and kids. Home security systems with indoor and outdoor cameras allow you to check in on your dog while you’re at work or make sure your children get home safely after school. Home security systems are a great way to be aware of what is happening both inside and outside of your house, to keep more than just your valuables safe.

These are all major reasons to get a home security system.


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