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What Burglars Look for in a Chicagoland Home Before Striking
Truesecurity Team
Nov 05, 2018

The Chicago Bears are known to have “Super Fans”. Well, Chicagoland burglars are also known to have “Super Signs”, of a home that’s ripe for robbing. Does Your Residence Show Any of these “Robbery Green Lights”? Here’s what you are very possibly overlooking.

Every burglar victim, unfortunately, can broadcast telltale signs to a burglar well before a strike occurs. These “burglary green lights” are things that the vast majority of homeowners don’t even realize they’re advertising. To keep your house and your family safe, make yourself aware of the things burglars are looking for in a Chicago-Area home before striking.

Signs of an Empty House

If you’re the type of person who lets things like their trash pile up on the curb, their mail go unchecked, or their lawn go un-mowed for long periods of time, you could be setting yourself up as a target for burglars. One of the first things burglars look for before striking a home is if there are any signs of the house being empty or vacant. Signs like your mail piling up on your front porch or all of your lights turned off can signal to a burglar that you’re on vacation and no one’s home. Make sure to keep up with the appearances of your home, and if you do leave for vacation ask your neighbors to take care of your trash and mail, and leave a few lights on to give the appearance that the house isn’t empty. Remember, would-be burglars don’t have to be anything more than a passerby on the street to observe a home that’s not getting proper attention.


Unlocked Windows and Doors

This may seem obvious, but still many people forget to lock their doors and windows. Even if the door or window seems like it isn’t in a place where burglars would try to get in, any unlocked area of your house is one of the major things burglars look for before striking. If you’re in the habit of leaving your back door or garage unlocked when you go to work in the morning, you’re putting yourself and your home at risk. Even leaving windows on the second or third story of your house unlocked is “robbery green light” because burglars often get creative when trying to find a way into your home.

Easily Accessible Backyard

Burglars will often try to find the easiest and least noticeable way to break into your house. This usually means going in through the back so neighbors don’t notice them breaking in. A backyard that is not fenced in makes it easy for burglars rob you. The harder you can make it to get into your backyard the more of a chance you have of slowing down or deterring burglars from robbing your home. Things like high fences, shrubbery, or complicated gates all work to make your backyard less accessible and your house less likely to be a target.

Making Your Valuables Obvious

Placing your new flat screen TV in sight of a window, or displaying your valuable artwork where passersbys can see it puts your home at risk for burglary. Burglars are most likely to strike homes that show the most obvious signs of valuable, easy to grab items. Ultimately the purpose of a burglary is to find valuable items to convert into money. The more value that a would-be burglar can spy before striking, the better. Items near Windows have the added benefit of needing reduced time in the home to execute the burglary. Burglars are like many people in that they want to obtain the most value in the least amount of effort with the least amount of risk. They unfortunately go about it in an illegal fashion. Limiting the visibility of your valuables and making it harder for people to see them from the outside can help deter burglars from striking your home.

No Signs of an Alarm System

If there is no sign of an alarm system in your house in the form of a sign on your front yard or a sticker on your window, then you are setting yourself up to be a target for burglars. Alarm systems can be a huge deterrent to burglars. They are a great investment in keeping your home and your family safe. The sound of an alarm going off alone is enough for a burglar to immediately leave your house, because of the prospect of getting caught.


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