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What it means to be a mission driven company
Truesecurity Team
June 20, 2018

We believe in empowering people. It’s these five words that brought us here, and we believe it is what is going to bring us into the future. We work in a highly competitive space, like many organizations. But unlike many organizations, our focus isn’t on sales numbers and advertising metrics (While these are important), truesecurity’s focus is on the user experience, and how we can make a traditionally confusing process better for consumers.


When you’ve been doing something for a quarter of a century, you start to notice things others don’t.

We are extremely lucky to have a founding team with over 25 years of protecting homes and families. This team’s experience helps us notice how the lack of information and overwhelming use of traditional sales tactics hurts the consumer more than anyone. While this isn’t representative of everyone’s experience, it is a major and prevalent problem.


What’s the underlying problem?

People have all types of different reasons to adopt security, ranging from protecting family members to securing personal belongings. Everyone also has different budgets and unique homes. It can be difficult to really find the information you need when a sale is on the line. All of a sudden the conversation turns into price, value, and discounts to get the product sold today. But what happened to what really matters? Instead of designing a home security system with integrity, you designed a home security system that you felt comfortable paying for at the moment.


What if we could remove the pressure…

We thought, “If only we could shift the paradigm, and change the way people buy home security could we solve this problem.” This is the thought that led to breaking down the barriers of entry to information, creating an experience that is comprehensive and simple, and building a patient environment for people to understand on their own time.


So this became our mission

Instead of figuring out how we can sell more systems, we started thinking “How can we offer more value to people.” How can we build an organization that is mission-driven to empower people so that they can make the right choices for themselves? It was this mission that led to the launch of truesecurity.


Truesecurity frees people from the traditional system which favors the organization rather than the consumer.

Today, the entire organization is focused on empowering people with information and rich experiences. It makes finding the right business decisions really simple. We just have to ask ourselves, “Is this going to benefit the consumer, or not?”

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